Why use the Tru-Scapes PL series Pillar lights?

Historically, in landscape wall and pillar installations, when the customer requests a decorative pillar light—the options have been very limited. So at Tru-Scapes, we have made it an objective to diversify and focus on delivering a top-quality range of choices.

Line voltage fixtures from the local home center present the installer with a number of challenges.

  1. If installed properly an electrician must run line voltage wire to the pillars for the lights.
  2. They typically will not work in concert with the low voltage timer, and lamp temperature may not match the surrounding low voltage fixtures.
  3. If you decide to ‘retrofit’ a line voltage fixture you will break the UL listing and most often void the fixture warranty. As a result, the sourcing of the proper lamp can be a hassle.

We have the BEST solution on the market for column lighting! The low voltage pillar lights are designed, and UL listed for 12 volt installation. They can be connected to the same 12/2 low voltage wire as our hardscape and landscape lights. Additionally, there is no need for a third part installer, no need for extra wires, and the LED lamps are 2700 kelvin to match our system.

Tru-Scapes includes all hardware required to install pillar lights. Included is the LED Lamp, mounting base, color matched anchor kit, and even a properly sized masonry drill bit. Following the proper procedure is important to ensure longevity and avoid issues. Furthermore, you can click here to watch our installation video.

Tru-Scapes continues to provide high quality, cost effective, and durable lighting solutions for hardscape specialists, landscape designers, and contractors / installers!


The NEW Tru-Scapes PL-102 Noble Pillar Light

Tru-scapes has recently added a third model to our selection of popular low voltage pillar lights. The new PL-102 Noble Pillar Light shares a number of great features with the Traditional PL-100 and Modern PL-101. For example, 12v low voltage power source, powder coated dark bronze finish, frosted glass, and installation components included in the box.

The Noble Pillar Light measures 11×11” at the base, with an overall height of 16″. This offers a perfect solution for larger pillars on hardscaping jobs. Included is a new LED 12 volt replaceable light source offering a pleasing warm white output. This module also offers color changing technology with the new Tru-Scapes color changing app available for both Apple and Android devices. This technology provides the ability to adjust color temperature as well as RGB, dimming and intensity.

Feedback has been extremely positive by installers and customers, alike. This may be the solution on your next job! Check out all of our pillar light options here.