In ground lighting solutions or above ground lighting—two schools of thought when selecting and installing Landscape and Hardscape Lighting fixtures. Is it time to go with some new school landscape lighting integrations?

It is common for Landscape Lighting fixtures to be installed above surface level with ground stakes. However, these applications are related to our B102, B105, or B106 Accent lights and Pathway lighting. The ground stake allows for an easy universal installation. Typically, these are installed above the mulch or stones in landscape beds. As a result, this type of fixture does not do well in lawn applications or in high traffic hardscape areas.

Lighting Applications (In-Ground Lighting Solutions)

In-Ground fixtures are a great way to work in areas that see foot or lawn care traffic.

This type of fixture is typically installed in a flush mount application with little effect on the surrounding area. This is of course, other than output of light. The Well lights application, such as our B201 and B203, are placed in lawn or planting beds and provide accent lighting for the home or landscape plantings. The lamps are available with different beam spread and intensity. In addition, the ‘Color Changing’ lamp modules also provide various beam spread and intensity. The B201 and 203 are not frosted and provide strong lumen output. This application is not ideal where glare is an issue. Our B201 Well Light emits 900 Lumens of output. This plenty for mature landscape plantings and larger homes—it looks great!

Hardscape Lighting

Tru-Scapes, has also created and offers some unique options for hardscape applications. The Tru-Scapes HPL series of paver lights and our new DOT lights provide an in-ground solution for shapes beyond common hardscape paver shapes.

HPL Paver lights are available in 6, 8 or 9” Length (3/4” wide) and fit perfectly in the soldier or sailor course of a paver patio. They provide a glow to enhance the border or key feature of the project. Therefore, these have become a fundamental design area for many of the contractors integrating lighting into paver applications.

New Dot Light

The new 1” Dot lights are an easy install with the use of a 1” core bit. These lights also provide a soft glow to highlight borders and small landscape features. The frosted lens allows for a more subtle glow. This design helps in areas where glare is a concern.

In addition, our HPL series and the new DOT light are now available in both 2700K warm white light and 4000K cool white output to best match the project.

Trends & Toolkit For In Ground Lighting Solutions

In-ground lighting options should be part of every designer and installers ‘toolkit’. This allows for installation where above ground lighting is not ideal. In addition, you can offer customers more options. We want to offer you the right lighting at an affordable price. More importantly, we aim to provide all customers with simple choice selection. This allows homeowners to make a bold and distinguished statement within their outdoor area.

With minimized back and forth selection, choosing the right lighting has never been easier. Finally, if you ever have any questions, our team is a short call (1.800.878.1240) or email ( away.