With 15+ years of experience in the Landscape Lighting industry, we have seen many trends come and go. Change is constant in the landscape lighting world. From systems utilizing Halogen Lamps to more modern LED Technology—lighting systems have gotten safer and much more efficient. The development from Integrated LED fixtures to Drop in LED Lamp Fixtures allows flexibility of interchangeable items. This is an ideal component for contractors and homeowners. Many changes in fixture finish, layout, and design style are paramount in the evolving world of landscape lighting.

Industry Trends

The most recent adjustment we have experienced, is a significant rise in the demand for Black finish fixtures. This is rather than the more traditional brown or bronze finish that has been a popular choice for so long. The more popular modern style in hardscape design, has caused the industry preference tilt to Black Finish these past two years. Straight lines and cool gray colors tend to be preferred by most clientele in today’s market.

Our Black finish landscape lights are designed with a high-quality powder coating over brass. Our path and accent lights, provide the customer with a durable heavy fixture and a long-lasting smooth finish. They also blend well with both light and dark gray materials, as well as common dark mulches and garden bed treatments. This is making the trend more accommodating to all styles of landscape. When choosing your landscape lighting fixture finish, there are many factors to take into account.

Hardscape North America

If you attended Hardscape North America (HNA) this year, you got to see our black finish fixtures along with pure white LED lamps in person! The switch to black fixtures shined through and helped to enhance the modern beauty of the Belgard display at the show. To our delight, we received nothing but positive feedback from our display. Our team is excited to see this trend take off in 2022!

Along with the use of black finish fixtures, keep an eye on the Kelvin temperature of the LED Lamps on your projects. Moving to a 3000k (or even to a 4000k in some cases) will provide a more pleasing hue of light on cool gray products. This aesthetic makes a difference on the landscape type. This is rather than the preferred 2700k warm white for more traditional earth tones. Committed to maintaining simplicity, we also recognize the value of keeping with the trends and offering key products to assist with your designs.

Landscape Lighting Solutions

Dedicated to providing contractors and dealers with landscape and hardscape lighting solutions, we’re here for you. With landscape lighting, you can define and highlight all of the amazing project work that your crew completes. Be sure to check out all of the amazing landscape lighting options we offer! We also offer deck lighting solutions that are sure to impress!