Is it time to meet with your client to discuss site lighting opportunities—how do you close the sale? Tru-Scapes Demo Kits.

Selling Opportunity

One handy-dandy tool I like to keep in my truck is a fixture sample kit. This demo kit allows me to relay to my client the quality and the VALUE of the products I offer. A simple selection of key lighting fixtures is all you need. This is what we at Tru-Scapes refer to as a Rep Kit. This includes a Brass Accent Light, a Brass Path Light, an A6000 Hardscape Light, and a Paver Light. It also includes a power plug to have the ability to show the client the products in effect with demonstration, if necessary. In today’s market, it is key to impress with the quality of the products you install. Bringing products that provide a client with a solution is paramount in converting sales. Landscape lighting extends your time outdoors, improves safety, and drastically improves your home’s aesthetics at any time of the day.

Hardscape Rep Kit

With a growing number of homeowner’s looking to accessorize their outdoor space,Tru-Scapes will also offer a second rep kit for 2022. This will feature hardscape products and the expansion of lamp options. This kit includes our popular A6000 undercap light in traditional bronze finish with a 2700k warm white LED lamp, the new Modern A6000 with sleek grey finish and 4000k pure white LED lamp, AND… the soon to be released A6000C with Bluetooth color changing technology. This new feature will allow for full color wheel, Kelvin adjustment from 2200-6000k, and lamp dimming. Along with the hardscape lights, this kit includes our HPL Series paver lights in 6, 8, & 9” length with 2700k warm white and 4000k cool white options. With all of these new features, this kit will assist in helping you close a given sale and explain all the benefits.

We have noted in a prior Blog post, the trends to Grays and Blues continue to dominate the Hardscape industry. The use of pure white lamps is a preferred tone on these ‘cool’ color pavers and stone. It is an ever-changing industry with consumer preference, style, and intention. These rep kits will allow you the ability to sell with more confidence in being able to provide exactly what the customer is looking for.

Full Demo Kit

The third option is a Full Demo kit. This kit includes a full selection of in-ground fixtures to allow for installation on the job site. In landscape lighting sales, the best advice is to find the ‘best’ corner of the project and light it up. This allows the client to experience the value of lighting without too much time invested in the demo set up. With a simple setup it does not give away any design secrets as with a full demo. In the midst of a hardscape installation, I see value in the temporary installation of a few hardscape lights, a path light at an important transition or step, and some accent lights on a key plant or focal feature of the design.

The demo setup can be left for an evening or possibly a whole weekend. Upon return to the job site, be prepared to present the lighting package in its entirely. We have noticed most demo set ups within a project create just about 100% close rate if you propose and inform the client of all the lighting options they have.

Tru-Scapes is excited to offer the Rep and Demo Kits to help you SELL! Contact Jim or TJ directly at, or As the crucial members of our sales team, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.