A true winter wonderland starts with professional grade low voltage lighting and winter outdoor lighting!

All Seasons Are Great For Landscape Lighting, But Winter…

When trees lose their leaves and the flowers disappear, it is time for your outdoor lighting to keep the life in the garden and show the beauty of your home. Outdoor lighting gives a whole new effect to most deciduous trees during the winter months. Watch your naked trees come alive, check out the beauty of your Paperbark Maples, White Birch, or awesome canopy trees such as weeping cherry or weeping Japanese Maples during the winter.

Holiday Season & Outdoor Lighting

With the holiday season, you can use your outdoor lighting system to showcase your home. You can accent and feature your outdoor decorations in creative ways. Our new color changing lighting options are sure to impress! Outdoor lighting also adds safety to your walkways, pathways, and patio for visiting guests and company. Make your property and landscape standout and be unique in comparison to other home’s nearby. Now, we know that everyone always says don’t compare; but there is so much to enjoy with an outdoor lighting system. Extend your time outdoors and brighten up the space. You will be surprised by how much more you can enjoy some more time outside.

Landscape Lighting With Snow

For those of you in snowy regions, just wait to you see how magnificent glowing plants and a bright home looks with a coating of white snow. Check out these winter shots from a home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Understanding A Quality Product & Install

There are so many lighting manufacturers available to purchase lights from. The key to selecting your products for installation, comes down to understanding the durability, quality, and components involved in the design. By selection a high quality lighting manufacturer, such as Tru-Scapes, you have the dependability you can count on. If you or your installer ever run into any issues our team is available to assist in helping you. We are exclusive partners with Belgard & EP Henry dealers and we uphold a commitment to creating a valued product that provides you with success.