Do you install Low Voltage Landscape Lighting? Did you decide to get into the portion of the business because ‘it’s very easy’ and ‘it’s good money’. Well these sound like two really good reasons to start… but did you ever take the time to really learn how to install the lights correctly? Education on the right topics can take your business a long way.

Why Outdoor Lighting Education Is Important

Just like any facet of our business—learning the right way to do it—and continuing to educate yourself is of great value to you and your customers!

Manufacturers and industry associations offer many opportunities to grow professionally and provide top level service to your clients. For example, next week in Atlantic City, at the 2022 MAHTS show, we will be involved in several educational seminars along with many professionals in the hardscape industry. We will be educating and helping contractors better themselves.

Do you know how to properly size a transformer? How about the wire? What about the connections? Well there are a number of options out there, but knowing what is the best for your climate and installations… These are the details that can unlock the potential of making your project standout. You want to be known for professional reliability, knowledge, and having durable installations against the weather and other outdoor elements.

Where do I place this fixture? How much should I be charging? These are all elements that you will access on any given property—but having an idea as to how this process works will put you two steps ahead.

Manufacturer Reps Are Key

We make a living helping you grow your business. Be sure to partner with a good local distributor and culture the relationship. We are here when you need us—do not hesitate to contact our team if needed.

We hope to see you soon at an educational event—maybe its MAHTS in the Atlantic City Convention Center or maybe it’s a dealer event this winter—either way, make sure to take the time to learn about products and the proper installation techniques. Continuing education in your field of expertise is always a valuable tool for increasing your knowledge. Always feel free to contact our team with any further questions regarding education when installing our landscape lighting systems. We also have a deck lighting line that our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have.