You have decided to elevate your Hardscape business and have recently added landscape lighting to your portfolio… or you have installed lighting in the past—but are you doing it correctly? As a matter of fact, easy installation should always be the goal.

From day one, our goal at Tru-Scapes, has been to provide a high-quality product at a fair price, and along with the fixture, include all the parts and pieces required for installation. This is to make is as easy as possible for our professional customers to install landscape lighting correctly. Equally important, is following a professional installation guideline.

Lighting Evolution

Furthermore, the evolution of Low Voltage Landscape lighting from Halogen/Incandescent bulbs to LED lamps has simplified the process. No longer do we have serious concerns with voltage loss and overpowering a transformer. Additionally, modern LED technology has provided a solution. Built in drivers account for loss along the run and provide even light output from the fixtures. Wire layout is simpler with a daisy chain method—fixture to fixture—rather than a hub and home run. We are now able to use 12/2 wire with a cost savings over 10/2.


Don’t think is too easy! A properly installed Low Voltage system will far outlast a system with shortcuts and lack of skill. Proper connections are critical. Tru-Scapes includes a pair of water resistant wire nuts with every fixture. Besides, protection from the elements is a critical element in a professional installation and will prevent issues and complaints.


Another critical element is the transformer—all too often we see professional systems with ‘cheap’ transformers. Professional level power supplies have proper surge protection and provide a constant output of voltage to the fixtures.


Additionally, don’t skimp on your wire. Tru-Scapes offers direct burial stranded landscape lighting wire with a UV resistant jacket. Most importantly, we highly recommend 12/2 wire for all installations.

Strong Dealer Network

With a strong dealer network across the United States, Tru-Scapes strives to provide a quality product, locally sourced, and most of all—easy to install! Furthermore, check out our hardscape lighting applications here.